Our Radiologists

At RIMI we have invested in the best imaging technologies, including the first and most extensive 3T MRI imaging network in Rhode Island, which gets you on your way faster, more comfortably, and produces the highest quality images available today.

Our staff of highly skilled radiologists, physicians who read your images, ensure that you get the most accurate diagnostic results possible because they are reviewed by world-class doctors.

When your health depends on the quality of medical imaging and the physicians who read them, you want the very best.

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Saurabh Agarwal, MD
Sun Ho Ahn, MD
Matthew Alvin, MD
Michael Atalay, MD, PhD, FACR
Michael Atalay, MD, PhD, FACR
Jeanna Harvey Barnes, MD
Michael D. Beland, MD
Jerrold L. Boxerman, MD, PhD
Jeffrey M. Brody, MD, FACR
Jeffrey M. Brody, MD, FACR
J. Elliott Brown, MD
Marsela Campbell, DO
Tyler V. Campbell, DO
Bianca Carpentier, MD
John A. Cassese, MD
Michael Cicchese, MD
John J. Cronan, MD, FACR
Lawrence M. Davis, MD
Vincent A. DeCesaris, MD
Vincent A. DeCesaris, MD
Linda R. DeMello, MD
Carla de Venecia, MD
Elizabeth H. Dibble, MD
Linda Donegan, MD
Gregory J. Dubel, MD
Thomas K. Egglin, MD
Peter T. Evangelista, MD, FACR
Peter T. Evangelista, MD, FACR
Joseph Farnam, MD
Lauren Florin, MD
Michael Furman, MD
Holly Gil, MD
Richard L. Gold, MD
David J. Grand, MD
Richard A. Haas, MD
Richard A. Haas, MD
Jason Halpern, MD
Heather Hardie, MD
Terrance Healey, MD
Thaddeus Herliczek, MD
Mary M. Hillstrom, MD
Jeffrey Houston, MD
Ghada Issa, MD
Bryan S. Jay, MD
Mahesh V. Jayaraman, MD, FACR
Gaurav Jindal, MD
Katia Kaplan, MD
Adib R. Karam, MD
Adib R. Karam, MD
Hanan Khalil, MD
DaeHee Kim, MD
Susan L. Koelliker, MD
Elizabeth Lazarus, MD
Cindy Lee, MD
Geraldine Liao, MD
Michael Longo, MD
Ana Lourenco, MD
Martha B. Mainiero, MD, FACR
Nirav Makwana, MD
Aaron Maxwell, MD
Ryan McTaggart, MD
Bara Mouradi, MD
Jonathan Movson, MD
Brian Murphy, MD
David P. Neumann, MD
Van T. Nguyen, MD
Arthur Noel, MD
Richard B. Noto, MD
John A. Pezzullo, MD, FACR
Jeffrey Potter, MD
Shruthi Ram, MD
Mark S. Ridlen, MD, FACR
Jeffrey M. Rogg, MD, FACR
Cassandra M. Sams, MD
Cassandra M. Sams, MD
Sufala Sapers, MD
Jill Saunders, MD
Alessandra Sax, MD
Albert A. Scappaticci, MD
Michael Seidler, MD
Sarah-Kim Shields, MD
Boris Sinayuk, MD
Gregory M. Soares, MD
Julie H. Song, MD
David W. Swenson, MD
Glenn A. Tung, MD, FACR
Jason, Vachon
Robert C. Ward, MD
Don C. Yoo, MD, FACR