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What is QGenda?

QGenda is a dynamic and automated scheduling system developed for aid in the creation of physicician’s schedules.  The data is generated on a rolling 4 week timeline which is based on user specific rules and subspecialties.  Built into the system is the ability to request vacation time as well as swap shifts with another user.

How do I log in?

You will log in via QGenda.com and use your RIMIRAD.com email address.  Always remember that when logging into QGenda or Webmail.rimirad.com that your username is your full email address.  Example:  Use jcalistra@rimirad.com and not just jcalistra as your username.  

I forgot my password.  How can I reset it?

Click here to reset your password.  The reset form will ask you for your @rimirad.com email address.  A temporary password will then be sent to your email for you to log in with.  Once logged in with your temp password, go to the top right of QGenda and hit change password so you can update it to something of your preference.  The minimum length is 4 characters long.

I forgot my PIN code for the mobile app.  How can I reset it?

If you have forgotten your pin code, you must enter an incorrect code 5 times.  This will prompt the QGenda app to allow you to reset your pin code.

How can I get support for the QGenda Scheduling system if I have a question?

We have support for this product which is available 24/7 via 1-855-399-9945 Press 2 and it will transfer you to a live person.  

My swap did not go through.  What could be wrong?

You have to make sure you click Submit Swap after initiating the swap.  If you do not hit the Submit Swap button the request will not be processed.

The schedule is not refreshing when I click on the day I want to view?

At the top left menu, you must click the day of the week in which you want to view and then hit the green Go button.  This will then load the schedule on the calendar pane to the right.

Can I do a 3 way swap?

Yes you can.  You may request a swap between 3 people to shift the schedule.  All parties will have to approve for the 3 way swap to be published.

What devices are compatible in order to view the schedule?

Windows PC or Laptop, Apple PC or Laptop, Apple iPad or iPhone, Android Tablet or Phone.

How do I access the schedule on a pc?

Visit QGenda’s website (www.qgenda.com) with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.  Internet Explorer and Safari are advised against to use as a browser.  
*Make sure the zoom on your browser is set to the default of 100% (typically adjustable in the bottom right hand corner of your browser).  If you are zoomed in or out it may negate the look of the schedule.  

How do I access the schedule on a mobile device?

On iOS and Android you have two options.  There are apps available in the Apple App Store & Google Play.  Currently this allows you to view the schedule only.  If you want to request a swap or vacation day, use your mobile browser and navigate to www.qgenda.com for the full featured version.

RIMIRAD QGenda Staff – Administration & Scheduling

Dr. Pezzullo  jpezzullo@rimirad.com
Dr. Noto  rnoto@rimirad.com
Dr. Evangelista  pevangelista@rimirad.com
Rochelle Aguiar  raguiar@rimirad.com
Gayle Pascetta  gpascetta@lifespan.org

RIMIRAD QGenda Staff – IT – Technical Issues

Nanette LaRosee  nlarosee@rimirad.com
Justin Calistra  jcalistra@rimirad.com