News – 2016 Headlines

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RIMI physicians use new procedure to revolutionize the treatment of strokes. 

Posted: 2.18.16

As seen on Channel 12, a 23-year-old woman is thankful to be alive after [RIMI] doctors at Rhode Island Hospital employed a new procedure that’s being hailed as a game-changer for treating strokes.

RIMI Physicians Develop Life-Saving Stroke Program at RIH 

Posted: 1.01.16

Three RIMI physicians are the backbone of life-saving stroke program at RIH.

New stroke procedure at R.I. Hospital a lifesaver

Posted: 01.31.16

John Lemieux wasn’t himself when he awoke one morning last fall. One side of his face was drooping and he couldn’t speak. When he tried to get out of bed, his left leg was useless and he collapsed to the floor.